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360 circles recently hang out announcements, announced that it will close operation in the near future, to remind the user to put their content download package. Once the "circle of life" a whoop and a holler social networking site 360 times came to an end. This is also a large number of domestic social networking sites, the first collapse of the site. According to reports, in June 29th, the site sent an e-mail to employees, announced the collective layoffs, all employees have been notified.

360 circle ( was founded in June 2007, invested by the koolanoo group, located in the fashion for young Chinese tailored interactive sharing social networking sites. According to micro-blog users @ Lake said that in 2007 the 360 lap was selected as " Ai Rui; in 2007 the most popular casual dating site ". August 2008, the 360 round of the successful Koolanoo group received a third round of investment $25 million. Declared bankruptcy in June 30, 2010.

analysis of the industry, leading to difficult reasons and website operators are not familiar with the American Yang Danning China market environment, the company did not do the operation localization, causing the site is threatened, but also from one side reflects the SNS market survival of the fittest, the entire industry can only last a handful of large sites to meet the needs of users.

360 laps CEO Yang Danning said in an interview, there are many reasons for the collapse of the 360 circles: listen to rumors that micro-blog is not enough to operate the localization, but in fact the 360 lap is a local company." He said, in fact, the 360 round of investors Koolanoo group is also facing bankruptcy, funding is the main reason for the collapse of the two companies.

micro-blog hot: SNS industry has begun to shuffle

@ Wang Zhixiang Arys:360 ring high-profile bankruptcy is likely to lead to SNS and the surrounding industry, the Domino effect.

@ next Chen: to the time to think carefully SNS. Some of the smaller ones are either merged or disappear. Investment, no unique profit model, follow the trend of serious, will inevitably lead to the arrival of this day. The 360 lap, perhaps a brave man, because of poor management, did not find the right direction for the closure of its operations, perhaps doing very well. But I am still very optimistic about the prospects for the development of SNS.

@ Wei Bojue: 360 laps closed, once again shows that the new Internet applications in the absence of an exact profit model, only the major Internet oligarchs can stick to it!

@ Zhou Yijun: 360 laps alive, popularity is not high; the death of the 360 lap, the brand is finally playing out!

@ Jane Jiang: this approach is too simple now, at least there is user traffic, you can sell some value.

@ Ni Zhengdong: 360 laps off, is there more SNS site closed?

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