Whether or not the website provides a loan service

in the current international financial crisis, some small businesses often because of a few million or even thousands of yuan of the funding gap, to make the business end. In addition, some of the young "moonlight clan" will fall into "the economic crisis is due to make ends meet". In this case, there is another way to play online people to borrow money, solution as pressing danger "slogan.

not long ago, Mr. Yu for a credit card. The result threatens to repayment of interest free period, because of his poor financial management and excessive consumption, temporary repayment of money. After a friend, he found a website to provide lending business, up to 100 thousand yuan. According to the website of the borrowing rules, users only need to register to become a member, and then fill in the loan agreement, and provide a photo ID card and mobile phone number real name authentication, you can release information, loan repayment, loan term and interest rate data, through this website to borrow money from other users.

website to provide loan services, illegal?

on this situation, the central bank Shanghai branch of the relevant sources pointed out that for natural persons of private lending, as long as the interest rate is not higher than 4 times the bank lending rates, usually does not constitute a violation of the law. But if the site as an intermediary operation of such business, and open the third party account to provide the corresponding services, the management content is provided to banks, trust and other financial institutions services, therefore, must be approved by the operator under the business in china.

Shanghai banking regulatory bureau, said that because of China’s private lending agency has not yet a clear legal definition, so the relevant operators in the legal gray area, there is a certain regulatory gaps. From the point of view of the actual operation of the site, this business can be regarded as an online version of the loan intermediary. In terms of China’s current financial laws and regulations, this provision of online lending services business model is not illegal.

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