YY anchor in order to make money to survive worrying at self abuse

Abstract: online show has been played a few rounds of edge ball, former porn, now is masochistic. In April 14th, according to the readers to reflect, part of the YY anchor survive a serious state, in order to make money, not hesitate to use abusive to attract attention, such as raw egg wash, slapping the heel…… A anchor told reporters that these are helpless, YY has changed, previously only for fun funny, and now only to appreciate others cruel.


masochistic play

drink 5 bottles of mineral water

provides clues to the Yang, through the mail, he sent a video to the reporter in the video, a man named Daniel anchor, pulled out a raw egg in a cafe, knock to the ground broken out of the egg white, egg yolk rub his head.

this service name is raw egg shampoo, after the completion of the audience will give him a virtual gift of 131.4 yuan, the anchor will be able to get commission income. In April 15th, when the reporter points to open the channel, but it has been in the inactive state.

in the relevant recommendation, a channel ID is 90333343, the next scene is shocking: a man named Xiaoyun anchor in the audience asked, he drank 5 bottles of mineral water.

video, visual as he was holding a bottle of Sprite 500ml (which is water), drank. The audience is very lively, constantly brush with roses, lollipops, bluelover…… At that time the online audience for 1539.

followed by second bottles, third bottles. After third bottles, Xiao Yun in the audience demands, jump in place of the 100, finally, Xiao Yun not supported, and collapsed on the ground.

got up and went on with fourth bottles, fifth bottles. The man drank fifth bottles, Xiao Yun pale: "no, I’ll puke drink." At this time, an audience for him even brush 66 gifts, each gift equivalent to Y yuan (virtual currency) $0.1.

listener gift

only to appreciate the cruel

In addition to the two

, in the channel page, you can still see a lot of self flagellation services such as drinking oil pumping mouth with shoes, eat taro (did not wash with mud), price of each service are different.

these anchors are recruited by a "Jigong Cafe shook his head" organization, Daniel, Xiao Yun is under anchor. The old name as "any", he told reporters that the body will certainly be uncomfortable doing this, but to make money, endure. YY platform, a lot of people brush gifts, are to see others torture themselves.

"we are to do normal people can not do, or who give the brush gift." , he told reporters that he ate 4 consecutive red peppers last night, went home to take the medicine, to the stomach is still sore.


was a broadcaster in October last year, he took a sheet, began their journey in the cafe YY. "Say much, all blood"

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