The nternet rectification a few happy tears

for the horse, this winter is especially cold. The business IDC business housewarming only a month, because of the Internet to rectify and again moved back to the remote place.

business stagnation, struggling to cope with the record, which is more than a dozen sites behind the IDC company in Henan. IDC has been dependent on their business, in the throes of a part of the dead, and part of the transformation. The rest of the IDC market, only room and an agent in the play, they have to be a monopoly price, or more than half.

more than ten thousand sites winter break network

November 2009, the company will own the horse moved to Huayuan Road near the city of Zhengzhou, the center of China World Trade Center, the growing business, the company has entered a new stage of development, the horse and his staff are very excited.

horse, formerly known as Ma Quanfei, was friends affectionately known as "old horse", although he is only 27 years old. His company is called the Zhengzhou civic science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as civic), the main business is IDC, namely "registered domain name, virtual hosting space, hosting" etc.. As the domain name service in the civic network company, there are more than and 300 in Zhengzhou.

Thanks to

development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Henan, one or more domain name on the Internet as a business platform to showcase the choice of more and more enterprises, but also the personal registration industry website, for business or release information. These have promoted the development of Henan IDC business.

although only primary school education, Maradona still rely on their own study and hard work to become the industry respected figures, civic networks in Zhengzhou, although not large, but has a good reputation. IDC monthly business volume reached forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan, which is the company’s main revenue.

in civic housewarming began in January 2009 at the same time, cleaning up internet vulgar wind "rectification movement" intensified, November 2009, SARFT rectifying the audiovisual website, at the same time, the ministry began to check mobile phone jurisprudence site. December 8th of that year, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security and other nine ministries are jointly carried out in the country to carry out remediation of the Internet and mobile media pornographic and vulgar information special action.

The original

for Internet audio-visual website and mobile phone jurisprudence site "rectification movement" gradually expanded, quickly spread to the entire Internet industry. If a site is illegal, the host computer room (IDC) for the site will be broken network inventory. The same room, there are other hundreds even thousands of websites, these sites will be implicated because IDC off the network, these sites must be submitted for the record data fully, to determine the line after no problem. In the network of "rectification movement" in Henan, has more than ten million websites affected by the "broken network".

was happy to the end of the bargain promotions was the civic, rectification >

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