Google will soon allow users to cancel analysis data tracking

Google analysis (Analytics) can help webmasters to easily collect the details of the site visitors, and is free of charge. But many people do not want to let Google track their online activities. After all, even if you don’t use any Google product, you will send a personal message to Google. Google analysis team today wrote on its blog, users will soon be able to choose to cancel the tracking of Google analysis.

how to implement


Google will be how to cancel the user data tracking is not clear, but said it would provide a general browser plug-in". This statement is not clear, and there is no standard browser plug-ins. Also worth noting is that many users do not know how to install plug-ins. Those who care about Google data tracking users may know, but Google is best able to explain in detail the process of canceling data tracking.

Google says it will launch the plug-in in the coming weeks.

website statistics useless?

if a large number of users have canceled the Google analysis, will have a broad impact on the webmaster. After all, if the webmaster and content publishers to understand the details of the visitors can be better marketing.


other analytical tools?

other analysts will react to the Google? Google analysis may be one of the most commonly used analytical services, Woopra, Sitemeter, Woopra and other companies also collect large amounts of data from Internet users. Those who want to cancel the Google data tracking users also want to cancel other tools to track.

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