From the media era of the network economy is sustainable

red, the network reds, the word from the lotus to Fengjie, sister of tea, and then to today’s hot Papi sauce, has gradually become a well-known term. And its derivative under the net economy, its commercial value has been more and more attention and expectations, such as the recent Papi paste a video patch advertising to 22 million yuan auction success. This was once a derogatory term "red", now has become a trend, the problem is whether the trend is sustainable, in other words, the red net economy can go far?

in addition to Bo eyeball, the current network red more marketing characteristics

seems to be in our impression, red net is more like a FMCG, every time there will be a net or a group of red, then over time, and will have a new red net, earlier this batch of red net development up to now, two. One is the only red one time, for example, before Mu Zimei angel MM, Xi Li Ge; another, still have a certain reputation, such as Fengjie, Sister Lotus, tea sister.

of the two red net belongs to the first generation, that is to say, they are red, just stay in the public eye, from the public eye, but not for profit; but the modern network red, such as Wang Sicong’s girlfriend recently hot red net, no Papi paste, YY live poison, they are life in the new media and social networking platform, and rely on these, draining cash.

they have in common is that there are some fans, and through the social networking platform for communication and interaction, make the content more topics and symbolic; different point is the latter features and make full use of their talents, in the new media platform, their excessive packaging and promotion, to become more influential, and has some commercial value, to achieve the purpose of marketing.

net red economy realized many ways into a new business

contemporary red more marketing nature, so the realization of the way is also very much. In addition to the well-known Papi sauce, recently to 22 million sold the first ad to complete the liquidation; in addition, open shop, and then use their accumulated massive fans at micro-blog, doing marketing; or it is people from the media, through the article or video "reward" to change; there are some netizens common scripts like the red hand net advertising based way of realization and so on.

thanks to the short video broadcast platform, WeChat, the number of public media platform continues to rise, currently on the market "red net training", "Red Net incubator" red net industry more and more, network marketing has become red business new ways, such as Taobao, red red net store network products, network graphic red endorsement video / rewards and other cash tricks. According to relevant data, said China’s current economic market has exceeded the size of red star.

determine the quality of the content of the red network economy is sustainable

mobile Internet era, the commercial value of the fragmentation of time by

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