The video editing all moved to the web page Mozilla release online video editing tools



Firefox developer Mozilla has spared no effort to promote the development of HTML5 and Web App, and today they officially released a product: Popcorn Maker 1. It allows people to video clips on the web page, edit, insert pictures, voice links, etc., to make interactive video network.

Popcorn Maker website video editing page and ordinary video editing software almost, but the interface is more concise and easy to use. You can easily select, drag and drop to complete the editing of video content editing, including insert text, links, maps, Twitter information flow, Wikipedia entries, etc..

using Popcorn Maker, you do not need to buy the installation of complex video editing software, do not need to download the video file. As long as you have a browser, you can create, publish their own video, but also can borrow the video content on the network, to mix, modify, call, etc..

Mozilla Popcorn chief Brett Gaylor said: "now the video on the web, are trapped in a black box, people can do is play and pause. Popcorn Maker hopes to change this situation, so that all the video on the network can be deleted, link, mix, and other rich content on the network connection."

with Popcorn Maker, video editing will become very simple. Ordinary users, making the film makers, developers, students can easily create their own video, and is free and easy to share.

Popcorn Maker using open web elements, all using HTML, CSS and Javascript language. From 0.1 in 2011 to the previous, Popcorn Maker has repaired a total of 4000 bug, 60 thousand lines of code. Mozilla is now open for everyone to use, interested readers can try.

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