Public comment is to take equity to buy WeChat entrance, the price is amazing

a message is: Tencent to $400 million to buy a public comment of 20% of the shares, and also has a public comment in front of IPO, then the right to increase the stake of up to 5%.

on the current stage of the competitiveness of the map business is not strong Tencent, the acquisition of public comment is extremely urgent.

first, the public comment and Baidu maps are O2O service search, Tencent in the reinforcement of this piece of

why do you say that the public comment and the map are doing the same thing, are O2O services search.

if there are some differences, that is: public comment is the search for local life services, and the map business is the local life service + travel service search. If there are different, it is not only the public comment search, as well as services, services, such as coupons, buy, for this reason, the public comment thousands of sales staff.

of course, with a map of Baidu and Ali will also go to acquire some services, the integration of services into the map. Because, in O2O search is bound to search and service closely integrated seamless experience, which is very different from the PC side search performance.

therefore, Baidu bigger Baidu map, Ali acquired High German, Tencent is also extremely necessary for O2O search has a certain control. Even with respect to Baidu, Ali has 100% stake in the map business, Tencent O2O search control is only the current public comment on the 20%.

two, Tencent purchase online data urgent

in addition, Tencent is also eager to express their lack of sufficient data offline.

before the public comment stake, with local services, Tencent investment both not good, less than a month to 30 million of the transaction amount; and Baidu investment rice network the data of more than 3 hundred million, Ali investment data for more than 1 billion of the U.S. group (public comment group purchase a month is 1 billion of the transaction amount, other income is advertising, but advertising can not reflect the transaction data offline).

in travel services, even if the Tencent investment didi taxi has 39% in the taxi market share, and Ali supports fast taxi travel data APP Each sticks to his own stand., but is ultimately settling in map service, and didi taxi products using the Baidu maps as the kernel location search. Although didi taxi later and High German, Tencent map has API access, but the taxi from the taxi to get the most travel data is Baidu map, rather than Tencent itself.

therefore, Tencent need to spend money to buy the next line of data, the desire for public comment is very urgent.

three, public comment is not to Tencent’s money, but to WeChat’s exclusive location

some people say that the public comment to take the money of Tencent, is subject to WeChat’s deterrent to it, if the public comment does not inhabit Tencent, Tencent will do their own.


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