Micro-blog Sina market capitalization of $11 billion 881 million is expected to exceed Twitter

news October 11th, foreign social networking site Twitter recently has been seeking to sell, including Google, Salesforce and Disney, have become potential buyers, but with the development of the situation, foreign media reported that Google, Salesforce and Disney and other big sellers seem to have lost interest in the acquisition of Twitter Salesforce, which is mainly due to the opposition of shareholders the pressure, but objectively speaking, the current Twitter may also face selling failure situation. This situation can not help but sigh.


in China, and Twitter is often compared to micro-blog, as micro-blog Twitter import is another attitude in the IT family, found at the end of 9, micro-blog’s market capitalization of $10 billion, as of press time, micro-blog’s market capitalisation is $11 billion 881 million, and at the same time, Twitter the market value of 12 billion 428 million, the current point of view, the future market value of more than micro-blog Twitter has basically no problem what.

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