Look at the new rules site significantly diving from the search engine index prediction

: the update of redundant information

algorithm based on the adjustment, because of the huge amount of tasks, so the search engine currently only a large portal adjustment. Small and medium-sized personal webmaster information is still in the adjustment, after the completion of the task ranking will naturally recover, but whether the level nor is now the "first performed" phenomenon. Personally think, may love Shanghai tend to human search adjustment, the original to see who? To humanity as a benchmark for the adjustment of the algorithm.

because the number of the old station in Shanghai when the love of many indexes, interior modulation data do not timely updates, so cause now the old station ranking non-existent. If there is no long-term cheating, this update will soon be able to restore ranking.

three: adjust the

for small personal website, original and pseudo original even collected data is far from the proportion of the original share is low. Although love Shanghai before the index, because the original is completely at home in proportion, but this adjustment is in the clearing of redundant information, so for a long time before will have been included and highly repetitive content to do a clean-up, so will cause personal website ranking reduce processing, but also just a ranking the fluctuation, may be recovered soon after all is ranked, the content of whole industry redundant information portals on the collective clean-up, just because of itself weight, without being cleared of redundant information.

May 20th love Shanghai update is undoubtedly a glimmer of rosy shock to many small owners, is a new generation of rules, or will tend to weight large portal website? Substantial diving, see trace between the old station overnight. It indicates what? Do you want to be killed in the growth stage of the small owners? To binary own views to do the following analysis:

original, pseudo original, has always been a tangle of small owners. What is the original, or false original can achieve optimization of the maximum benefit, but it is content is king. Substantial personal website has been pseudo original search engine from the technology one step closer to change after recognition, the website ranking one of the reasons is diving. We can see some personal station did not fall right in this update, even a rise, observation is not difficult to find, most of them are on the site of the original several webmaster diligently, his side is such a performance.

for small owners, the quality of the chain may be very low. The love of Shanghai cleaning on the chain for some low quality of the chain of centralized clearing, resulting in the decline in ranking. May be a tool to clean up the top stop sending mode, foreign chain suspected or low quality of cleaning, with more green. "

ranking drop old station

two: pseudo original recognition technology



five: the chain on the clean

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