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portal blog registered several blog account or blog theme to breast. If the blog can be changed to "eat what breast" this username. This blog has a very strong correlation, we can according to this method, the NetEase blog or not registered, because the NetEase has used nofollow tags, add the anchor text link is also useless.

a new one month ranking, this is my real case. I am engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work more than a year, when started, for Shanghai dragon does not understand. After more than a year of exploration, I have to come out of Shanghai dragon optimization and not hard events, especially newcomers think Shanghai dragon is a very mysterious work. But I don’t think, only to do, try to do, Shanghai dragon page ranking is not difficult.

, the correlation between the webmaster if you pay attention to. Some really important. This is my breast website ranking up one of the reasons, the correlation better, you have a website associated with strong, love Shanghai will pay attention to this station. This station between the Forum promotion, every day 5 high quality female breast promotion forum. High quality soft Wen promotion of forum, love will be included in Shanghai post, so as to achieve the effect of the spider. So high quality forum is a must, the correlation also showed strong correlation with breast forum.

four, website

blog promotion

Why do we need

for the website search volume is not great, I do what events to rank so quickly, just choose the website keyword to choose high conversion rate. The general keywords, not too hot key. Because too popular keywords need more than rival resources, popular keywords is not equal to the high conversion keyword. Keyword selection is a very important process, keyword selection according to the user group to psychological selection. Such as: the word "breast products" is very popular, but the conversion rate is not high, ranking the home for a long time, should choose high conversion keywords, so bring profit will be higher. So the first step is to select the keyword I.


content correlation, some sites to see a situation, website content theme is like beauty and health, but the site must engage in the IT industry, and it has nothing to do with the theme. The content of the original, the new line within a month to original content, it is also a very good help for the establishment of the website weight, also helpful for the web site. The site to get good rankings.

The Home experience to share promotion related forumsI wrote an article "A5 webmaster to pay attention to whether the relationship between" love the sea before

last month I do a breast site, now the site keyword ranking basically one or two pages, the higher the weight and love Shanghai, we can look at figure

, a website keyword selection

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