magine the search record from the desktop to mobile transition xiangbobo

is the most popular Internet, along with the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of business on the Internet can emerge in an endless stream, a hundred flowers contend in beauty, each one has its own merits. And as everyone knows, people through the Internet to visit the whole world is the effective tool to search engine. The network just buds when, the rise of the desktop search, in a very long period of time, the desktop search is to occupy a dominant position, but also facilitate the netizens surfing life.

survival of the fittest, mobile search gradually replace the desktop search, is certainly a strong advantage, so, these will be enough to search business to another level of development where the advantages? We know that mobile search is to make full use of mobile phone, tablet computer and other mobile terminals, a variety of search using the Internet, in the face of information expansion today, you want to get more rapid and accurate search results, then you must use design better, more functional search and mobile search business, just to meet the needs of various users. Especially in recent years, the mobile phone industry development at an alarming rate, and mobile phone function than other high-end computer equipment favorably, some almost computer functions, intelligent mobile phone are all covered, therefore, the use of mobile phone Internet users, the proportion is also increasing. Mobile search functions, suitable for all users, local strong, and the search results are more accurate and fast, and even travel search varied and interesting, to support a variety of difficult search, such as intelligent dialect capture and etc. Therefore, mobile search team desktop search, the distance will be more and more, the development will be getting better and better, one day in the future. Mobile search to replace the desktop search is very possible.

so the mobile search will move forward with what kind of attitude? The situation is simple, fast, stable and diversified, large range. In the face of the current has tended to improve the search engine, users seem to be more ambitious, more urgent search for new service tycoons launched a better and more practical mobile search. Because of the influence of bandwidth, battery and the size of the screen, the computer search allows users to search results are not satisfied, Google constantly in mobile search bold attempt and exploration, Apple also actively introduced Siri, it shows that mobile search users or >

according to reliable news reports, the change of Google and Microsoft, the pros and cons, is a bit to be taken by surprise. At present, the search giant Google to Microsoft as the center, increase the importance of mobile search, not only put a lot of manpower and resources, but also to achieve competitive advantage, will also launch a lot of new mobile search service.

however, social progress, science and technology innovation, to search engine, the emergence of new things and has become a new way for people to experience, according to a well-known technology blogger said the current global Internet search market has undergone significant changes, this change is from Yuhi desktop search to today’s mobile search changes that requirement, this change with the development of the Internet so that future mobile search to replace the desktop search, search become the mainstream way, is also a kind of inevitable.

The new era of

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