Love Shanghai recently to crawl slowly and grab is not normal what should you do


first, solve the crawl is not normal, since the effect of love Shanghai is big changes or they may think our website that a few days a problem, we have to let him come to see, the first is to do a lot of external links, the chain of high quality, I suggest that we are in the A5 and blog the owners of the house this platform we reproduced Bowen, once included, so the weight of the chain is very high, the search engine will crawl along the link to our website, through the residential area several times, found that the quality is very high, the website is very stable, then the key words and the snapshot will likely normal. The ranking is greatly improved, the probability of this great blessing in disguise.

first, if why love Shanghai to crawl slowly and grab is not normal, I’ll cut a figure, look at my station, the problems of

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, recently because of work reasons, rarely write what, right today, reveals a face, recently found that everyone in Shanghai my love adjustment, the website is also greatly affected by keyword grab is not normal, ranking fluctuated greatly, one day a few, snapshot the update is also very slow, Yo is snapshot and time is not uniform, some keywords snapshot is recent, there is the last snapshot, it gives me a headache, there is new sites included slow release keywords is very slow, the said Caritas Shanghai in the adjustment, regardless of how we love Shanghai, or what to do and ensure the stability of the rankings and solve some problems, it is today, I say how to solve the crawl and crawl slowly is not normal, this is my two A few days have been studying, they can be said to deal with one another will change.

now know the problem, so how to deal with it has become the direction of the.

can be seen directly capture instead of keywords, title, snapshot is not new, in fact, this problem, and my own optimization is the last time I found the decline in ranking, ranking good site began to analyze the knot theory is my keyword anchor text too. So, to remove most of the anchor text, the love of Shanghai began to crawl, not normal, I feel well, restore the last modification, thus caused the capture is not normal, because this adjustment leads to snapshot is not normal, may I also rarely update the home page, because the master is static the update, a very troublesome, so add a blog program, make up the insufficiency, but inherent error or no way to make up for the home, such as slow update The problem is very slow, completely resolved, I suspect that most webmasters grab is not normal and slow updates were dead due to the two causes, the first point is due to their own reasons, are generally in the optimization process, the second is to update the problem, not updated frequently, an update is reproduced or pseudo original, it will a problem.

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