n its position, seeking its governance, the work is just a springboard for EntrepreneurshipVoiceGem


VoiceGem is actually very simple, go to the VoiceGem website, you want to contact type contact mail, then say what you want to be good, after the completion of the recording will generate a link, just fill out the automatically saved to the e-mail address to send in the mail text. As long as the other side click the link, you can automatically jump to VoiceGem, hear your voice, and human nature is, accept the voice of the party does not need to log on VoiceGem, click the link can hear.

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VoiceGem is such an asynchronous voice mail service. VoiceGem’s two founders Arda Kara and Alexander Blessing all is to pursue a master’s degree in Stanford University, Stanford University, but their two hometown are from the United States not in Turkey and Germany, the middle can not only separated by a the Atlantic. The two of them face the same problem: because of the time difference and the huge geographical difference, the two of them are very difficult to contact with their family and local friends. Skype is almost not available do not say first cost is our domestic different area audio card assembly is not, send a simple text message is very cold. Although there are SocialCam, Viddy and other video sharing applications, but in order to just a few words to shoot a video is a bit too wasteful, and only the mobile terminal, the elderly at home may not be able to adapt. As a result, two people raised the idea that they could combine sound with traditional mail. This is the prototype of VoiceGem.

all the time, I have a problem, no matter what the problem is, both big and small, always love yourself feeling a little bit, wasting a lot of time in the invisible; even so, I still don’t want to bother others. In life and work are exactly the same, when I face the pressure of life, can not find the export performance, thereby affecting the loss at a loss what to do, when working, I would love to find another way to solve. But today, and the total horse exchange, to the point that I was trying to avoid, if again to this choice, they will form a vicious circle, never get out of the fence, then I will take a lot of detours. In other words, you frame your mind like a mouse who has lost its way in the maze……


Arda Kara and Alexander Blessing said in an interview that VoiceGem does not require users to pay more than that: it does not spend money, do not need special software, not to send any attachments and spam, like Skype don’t need to buy international voice package, because it does not need a phone number. It doesn’t even need a high quality microphone. VoiceGem just wants to make it easier to communicate with your family".

intercom function the earliest should be Hongkong team developed TalkBox, but in the end off the market or Tencent, WeChat voice as one of the most ancient social media value finally revealed recently, is also very popular KTV application — sing, is actually based on the sound value then, as the age of the Internet under the same old way of communication – mail, whether it can be changed by the sound of it? The answer is of course.

unwittingly arrived in Hangzhou for 25 days, including 15 days to find work, and the rest is in the work. In this coming after the end of February once again I chose to leave, this time because I didn’t feel shy away, but to the general manager of the company and individual way, in communication and I learned a lot, and further to see their own shortcomings as well as what he has been trapped in their own "vicious circle". I would like to make a summary of the next job, so that the future job hunt in the process of alarm bells!


I work only as a "springboard", which doomed my work not hard to do, but do things carelessly, before I had not realized it was wrong, today on this point, I feel the horse is really referring to my heart to you to be called, work attitude determines your future income. I simply think that work only in order to survive, the so-called network resources, and so on, are relying on personal break out; if so, inevitably work of two minds, so do good work, not to the boss trust, how can you understand the nature of an industry, let yourself get talent shows itself. Appreciated? Everyone is going to grow, not everyone is a genius, does not need to accumulate, to gain wealth, contacts, resources etc.. Everything must be a process, "in its position, seek its governance"

work and life are often connected, and if they are not resolved, they are self entangled, and may eventually make the wrong choice and judgment. For example, the 8 day of work, I can say that there is no progress: to think they will always feel that doing boring things, not knowing that I can see is just the epidermis, and didn’t go to perform strictly, to in-depth analysis. Of course, I also have no strict self requirements, but, never thought to do a bit more muddle along. In the long run, I feel that I can’t learn anything, then I won’t get the trust of my boss. How can I go to fast growth and progress?

gave me the pertinent advice on my case, and for me it was a top priority

Since the launch of WeChat The principle of


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