Link the website construction of optimization target for quality resources

last year, Google defeated Chinese, moved to Hongkong station, search engine usage and market share will decline significantly. Nearly 30% original in China, market share, is also love Shanghai, Tencent, Sogou several companies divvy up. With Google in the mainland market Chinese "decline", criterion its website weight, is the webmaster highly recognized the value of the PR value, also slowly lost authority. On the contrary, because love Shanghai rising market share (the latest statistics also show that love Shanghai has now occupy 83% Chinese search market share), the more the website construction and website optimization personnel chasing the object.

determine the site weight, the Google PR is not only natural, then the love of Shanghai is not the only, even said any search engine is not, it should not be the only. Although the quality website forms are basically the same, rich in content and quality. But the criteria for outstanding website is not the same, according to the different forms of a good website, which gives the corresponding weighting algorithm is not the same. Some search engines pay more attention to the original Su, like Shanghai; some by the quality of the link can be driven by the weight increase, for example, Google etc.. In the website construction and website optimization work before put into practice, we must first understand the site optimization goal is what search engine, and then to do the work of the.

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Two, adhere to the principle of

can deliver more weight to each other, there seems to be a taste of Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. The search engine might think it would have been content similar to the same business, it has to compete. >


, a Google lopsided, standard PR is not the only

The same type of website

remove the original content rich website construction and website optimization, a very important task, is the link building. Some say popular, is to make your web site keywords or text links, more appear in other sites. With respect to the construction of website, as long as the effort to write some relevant website theme, keywords and optimization of the article can be. Link building is full of more challenging. This challenge is not a good choice and links to resources, quality link resources are more difficult to find. But on their website, what kind of link is good, what is the standard

in site construction production and site optimization process, it is more difficult than temptation. For ordinary people to overcome difficulties is not easy, but less easily overcome temptation. Because the site construction and optimization are difficult, but the goal is clear, is to constantly improve website weight. The temptation is different, is quite confusing, for example in the process of building links, and always adhere to the same type of site exchange links is so. To do so, perhaps very extreme, but the frustration is the same type of website can deliver more weight, has for most of the search engines used.

and the same type of site exchange links

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