The station construction process ideas (a)


As mentioned above,

with Dongguan Shanghai dragon industry application development by marginalization, knowledge of the short board is again reflected in chicken ribs. In one of the few eight days after adaptation, cognition, experience. I began to try some problems with zero reflection belief in their own environment encountered.

I temporarily "content + channel" as the station construction work of the core, for different industries, different forms, different manifestations of the site, the content of the composition structure are the same, regardless of the overall structure, content transforms, show guide and so on all cannot do without their inherent structure.

"weight increasing transfer from the performance of the link, the chain promotion value which reflect the same"

The so-called

platform to show the form of advertising, content channels, always around the "performance" of italy. Both for the search engine or the user, any form of "value" are both favored.

maybe someone will ask, on how to improve the efficiency of the combination of content. May suggest that you try to create a content framework, from the understanding of the structure of the form, will be enhanced after the integration, efficiency will increase. Write here, I seem to find expression in such a quibble under, but still with the absolute majority of the Shanghai dragon article tell the same meaning, so it is difficult to sway.

to the client, the hook will be classified as a "word referred to different levels and any of the". As the article mentioned at the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng marginalization problem, to understand some colleagues understanding outside the station construction "through the side. With the absolute majority seems to still stay in the literal views similar to early, I also experienced this phase transition, is also aware of the harm of impetuous. Therefore, the author tries to establish some thinking mode of the process of building the station.

word station construction:


show diversification based on the platform of station construction work has become more than just for the chain. Which is more similar to the "advertisement" forms, often outside chain is just another "channels" performance. When will we talk about advertising related content and then, whether standing outside the building can be understood as "content + channel two in one’s work.

of the 贵族宝贝 of Shanghai dragon ide贵族宝贝/web-process-t>

then outside the station in the construction work, whether we can be of different types to material classification. Set in the content structure, combination of relevant material content, show the charm of "value" approach. To obtain the favor between search engines and user both.


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