How to improve the effective access to the site


2, website operation promotion is through as many channels as possible, free and paid.

(8) to enhance the site visits, this is in fact to see everyone’s website ranking and promotion;

(1) site should have the function and structure of search engine optimization, within the chain, the chain, the site map function;

(9) on the website or website, to search engine to manually submit page and submit the page.

(6): "to improve the quality of original content, especially now, the construction of love Shanghai pay more attention to the content on the website;

(5) with the keywords in the text, the title, the navigation menu, paying attention to the distribution and density of keywords, the problem of density you don’t grasp, as can be, I love the density below 4%

(7) significantly improved the quantity and quality of the external links, more and more weight website links, here to say, if the weight of each website is very high, even if it is not the exchange links page of two pages or page classification can be considered;

1, search engine optimization, we are accustomed to call Shanghai dragon, mainly by improving the website keywords, website content, keywords layout, reverse link method, let search engines as much as possible and make the page, keyword ranking. Do website search engine optimization usually has the following measures:

(4) for each page independently set the title, keywords and description, and each page of the title is the one and only the title should include keywords to optimize;

site traffic is traffic, and effective traffic means these flows may contribute to sales, improve access to the site, the main purpose is to more potential customers to visit our website, so our website can create value, I always think that if a website is not able to create the value of bring sales, even if it is ranked again good also is not a successful website, this type of site, I think in the development of a morbid state. Well, now we first look at the ways in which the customer is generally found on our website? The first is the customer search keywords, your website ranking, and then click into the customer; second is the customer know your website URL directly; the third is for promotion as well as some of the chain. So for the three ways above, we need to do is, in the early stage of selecting a suitable comparison easy to remember domain name, on the site after built, do website optimization and promotion operations.

(2) site with the dynamic pages into static pages, static pages more conducive to optimization, dynamic pages may result in repeated collection;

(3) website structure optimization, including navigation optimization and keywords site linked;

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