Love Shanghai ranking principle

when the net search some information about Shanghai, love of the most accurate answer to show the net, here has been very concerned about the problem of Shanghai dragon ER. Why do I row information will not to do, but others in the first row of information. Below to introduce the principle of

love Shanghai out robot (robots) will enter some websites grab information through some webmasters of the link.

three. Love Shanghai information service

What is the

love Shanghai robot will fetch the information stored in its database (in some of the new site will have such problem: a new station on the line, love Shanghai has not been included, or only included the home page. In fact. Love the fact that Shanghai is already included in your website, the information contained in the database, check your site over time will put out), will analyze the data, some of the same information filtering out effective information preservation.

The ancients said: the enemy, baizhanbudai

. The relevance of the information, information and network search you release of the contents is related to. For example: the net search is "shoes" you send "clothing" information is certainly not row.

. Shanghai love information capture

Shanghai’s love

three. Key words matching degree, keyword matching principle. The first is to choose exactly match the rankings, followed by a partial match, then love Shanghai segmentation principle. (and to pay attention to key word density, key words will have a frequency, when a keyword density exceeds a certain frequency of love Shanghai will search not something related with netizens think related content, so as to give the ranking. For example: the net search is "shoes" you send "clothing" information may be ranked up, this is a kind of cheating gimmick)

. Do Shanghai dragon must first know what is known as love Shanghai, love Shanghai, know the working principle of love in Shanghai. Love Shanghai is a big site, people are searching for answers on the inside.

Shanghai dragon? Search engine optimization, commonly used search engine: love Shanghai, Google, Sogou, search, Youdao, Bing and so on. The Shanghai dragon is for the love of Shanghai, some foreign trade is for Google to do.

love Shanghai ranking principle:

two according to the needs of users, whether can solve the problem for the user, the accuracy of the information (this is the website to write original articles ranking will be very good)

niche not only, you think of love in Shanghai ranking principle, and share here. The first A5. reproduced indicate the source: the etiology of 贵族宝贝jzx027贵族宝贝/jk/1461.html

two. Love Shanghai information processing


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