How to optimize the site to meet the user’s experience

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Website Optimization Website optimization is to know, in order to make our site more in line with the search engine algorithm, so as to make our website have been included, thus increasing the weight of the website. So as to attract more users to our website. Our ultimate goal is to users come to our website, see our website, and then promote our company’s products and services. But we do website optimization only meet the needs of the search engine is not enough, but also need to meet the needs of users, to meet the user experience, because the final purpose of our website is to let people see. So how to optimize our website to better meet user experience, to meet the needs of users of

1. is the first site to pay attention to the speed of loading. Our web page loading speed must be fast. This is one of the most basic is the most basic requirements of the user experience. Just imagine, our users come to your site from a search engine for a long time, but the site has not open. We are willing to continue to wait, often are immediately shut down. This is our website for a reason people love. Statistics found that people tend to open a web page to wait at least three seconds, if beyond the scope of people tends to be impatient, the result is self-evident, nature is conveniently closed. The customer is the God, for we do website optimization for flow is the upper body. If our users are conveniently closed ", then we talk about what the traffic it. Therefore, we should pay attention to website loading speed. This is the key to our website optimization, website optimization is the priority among priorities to meet the needs of user experience, if this did not guarantee the achievement, so natural website optimization will have failed, not to mention the user favorite, meet the user experience requirements. So, we want to meet the user experience requirements first do is make your site can be fast safe access in a very short period of time.

if you want to make the website optimization more in line with the user experience, to meet the user’s requirements are very simple. The key is we need these website optimization to learn empathy, that we must stand in the user’s point of view to look at our website, so that we can find the shortcomings of our website, and then modify it, so it is easy to make the user feel find everything fresh and new. To do this, naturally there will be more and more users love browsing your website login. When we are often the website optimization is that their Those closely involved cannot see clearly., the website has done very well, but why traffic is so small, website bounce rate is still high? This is probably the main and our website optimization of the psychological relationship. We are not purely looking this site in the user’s point of view, it contains an optimization point of view to look at this issue. In order to better meet customer experience requirements, below I will briefly to a user’s perspective, we do website optimization to better meet the user experience requirements.

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