The 360 release of children Guardian Bracelet positioning the position of the child at any time

two, safety warning function. The system can automatically identify the period of children wearing the bracelet often go to the position, once the child’s position beyond these security region, the system will automatically to the parents of the mobile phone alarm, to remind the child may face the risk, other parents can also set some security zones.


360 child guard


The release of

, a location at any time. Ring built-in professional grade GPS chip can be positioned at any time, the position of the child. As long as the parents to install a software in the intelligent mobile phone, send commands to the bracelet by mobile phone, you can know the position of the child, and can track a certain period of time to find the child within.


360 vice president Shen Haiyin revealed that the children’s guardian has three major functions:


child guard ring appearance. This product is divided into orange, blue, green, pink four colors Sina Francisco October 29th afternoon, the 360 held a press conference today issued a "children’s Guardian" bracelet can position the position of the child, and have security zone warning, call connection etc.. This bracelet is priced at 199 yuan, sales will begin in December.

chairman Zhou Hongyi said that the current 360 is China largest Internet security companies, but the concept of security company is not limited to network security, we have the obligation to social security problems in a number of other efforts in the field, 360 children guards is the advent of adhering to this principle." (Irwin)

three, building a call connection function. Bracelet with built-in GSM module, can establish a one-way call connection, parents can always dial bracelet, through the kid’s understanding of children’s position, such as whether the child in kindergarten and partner quarrel, is not in a strange environment. In addition to parents by sending commands, recorded a 15 second sound environment, if the child is really an accident, the recording function can help analyze the child’s environment.

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