Sand to webmaster should be how the weight concentration domain to see


second is to do a 301 redirect to DNS without WWW to take the WWW domain name, this is not the weight of dispersed domain

from Luffa water, starting from the A5, please keep the link: 贵族宝贝

website to do a 301 redirect is purely to need to love Shanghai, love Shanghai because the algorithm is very strange, it will take WWW and WWW without domain name as two sites, it will inevitably give us the weight of dispersed domain, so in order to weight the domain name, we must master do a 301 redirect, the only way to set the weights of the domain name, in order to improve the competitive ability of the web site keywords ranking

!As for how to do

believe that most of the webmaster will encounter this situation, as long as a little attention, it is the weight of the domain name, but it has now become his five or six, the rest are wasted, in order to strengthen the competitiveness of our website, so we webmaster want to focus on the weights of the domain name, that our webmaster how to weight concentrated domain name? The following two is a little experience on sand to domain name weight, is interested in the webmaster can learn from the reference

domain is dispersed a large part of the reason is to index.html, index.php, index.asp caused by these suffixes, for these suffixes presumably should be common to the webmaster, but many owners did not care, because he did not know that it is love Shanghai will distract the weight, so we should focus on the domain of the webmaster to weight. We must first solve the domain name suffix

method may focus on the domain name weight more than the two above, but the two above the most practical method, if you can write a better chapter to the community, so that everyone exchanges, learn from the experience of

is the first to cancel the domain name suffix, such as the general common index.html, index.php, index.asp,

in view of this situation, the webmaster can make corresponding adjustments according to their own use of the CMS, but because each CMS are not the same, there is no way to sand one by one to write, so the webmaster needed can according to their own use CMS to search the relevant information

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301 redirect to sand is not introduced, want to know the webmaster can love Shanghai search, I believe there will be more online and detailed methods for reference to the webmaster

station!In this paper, a huge number of original !The weight of ! !

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