Common search engine optimization and workplace rules

recently got a promotion, is not a promotion, just a little more than a few things only, many companies in the network marketing, including the background of the management and love Shanghai auction website optimization Shanghai dragon ranking, develop and monitor also includes mining and information B2B platform release skills training and information network keywords. The sales staff to complete the inspection, and so on all kinds of things I have to do.

middle, feeling very enlightening. The thing is, the original network sales staff daily published 30 B2B information, then the company boss told me about a lot of network promotion ideas, then two people talk to this piece of information, the product quality is good publicity do not in place or be buried, this idea is certainly no problem. And to tell the truth, although this way is the old way, but the effect has already been proved by countless people in the industry, at the same time, many colleagues through the release of information to a lot of customers, so whether it is from the logic or from a practical point of view, this work is one of the most important works in network marketing. So when the final boss said after work to take care of the key information, in fact, the boss of this meaning has been very clear that the second day I went to the company the information requirements from the 30 mentioned 50.

Encountered something

certainly has a lot of colleagues unhappy, you said there is a day of work busy (to tell the truth, our company is indeed the same industry wage is slightly higher, but the workload is relatively small one, like some fellow clerk even one day send hundreds of information now). Suddenly the task, of course, I would say is the meaning of the boss, then no one objected. But after a period of time to implement it all, this is normal, a colleague asked me: "x teacher, today I can send several less information, can have two days to fix?" I was just back to him, I said I’m sure there is no problem, you three days make up on the line, but the premise is that you have to live off the boss. He was angry, said the boss is not for you to say, to be ugly, you fart now are fragrant. To tell you the truth of this saying is a bit too, but I didn’t tell him of the same level, I said to him, first of all, you underestimate the boss, a young (our boss also 80, of course, more than us a few years) will have today’s achievements (he has a stone factory, a engraving machine factory, several contractors of the site, but also when the director of the village around Ji’nan in a village), do you think he would not own judgment? Secondly, you think too highly of me. Like the boss who, once decided, will stick to it, I am just a generation who only, I can’t do it well, there are other people to do. I can really affect the boss’s decision, but for the things I have decided, this generation of travelers, should do the subordinate is carried out on this point, if you do not understand, that I didn’t need to stay in the same position.

of course, and I did not.

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