Analysis of the site was K you calm it for four reasons


did not see his website before, I asked his station recently changed? He nodded and said, "changed the title and keywords are changed several times!" suddenly changed when Petrochemical ah, now not so calm, calm! Open up research the website, today to share with everyone, hope to have the effect of ventilation love Shanghai people are a little hope

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should be the last week love Shanghai update, friends of the station was K, he looked confused and helpless eyes, ah, the site of the vulnerable ah! That’s what I told my friend: but who do stand, is amenable to love Shanghai, encounter something that is not calm. The webmaster even jumping thousands on thousands of up to


can also see tricky in the traffic statistics tool, the flow chart was nearly a month to see, there were 7 days of traffic is not normal, high! This is likely to be competitors, browse each time with a IP up to more than 20 pages, under normal circumstances should be 5 the left and right page, in this we can not sit still. We can query through the IP software or web site, query down road brush flow URL IP address. Then contact >

station is not It is without rhyme or reason. your website K, first look at whether the recent changes made, I took my friend’s station, he within 1 months of the page title changed 1 times, key words changed 3 times, the major channel of the page title, key words changed 2 times…… A slightly higher weight station did not dare to do that ah, and you just launched a few months of the new sites, it is not obvious with "Baidu". This is a planning problem after all is said and done, especially the novice webmaster, the beginning is not planned, resulting in operation period had changed, of course, occasionally change will not have much impact, but the content of the page title change will only make love in Shanghai that is a new page, and reincluding. This is just the surface, even if you are in the program, then it makes a search engine, he is already familiar with your structure, you suddenly changed, he crawled confused ah, will only take you as a new treatment. Therefore, all the webmaster station structure prior to planning has good website title keywords.


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of course for friends of the station, is the direct cause of K, and checked his link, is also not the chain, in a complete mess, the death situation was soon set into the search engine friendly, so you must insist on timely links, links to my friend’s friendship in the station there were also K station, which is likely to cause him to be K reasons, of course does not rule out his station is K affect the friendship station. My friend is not attention to Links, several single plus is a friend of the site, not chain back he felt no, ah, since the station is not so serious, not serious!

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