A new beginning – after 51 to website rankings


51 after how to do the

this time, my hand inside many of the sites are in constant rank reduced, lost, lost a snapshot, a hard look at their own Not the least trace was found., a tortured heart empty feeling, it is self-evident, but the heart is not in every hour and moment to remind me to find some solutions, how to consider, to think, to try to, through the study of the recent period of time, it is slightly understand some love Shanghai optimization some rules in the near future, we should pay attention to the skills in today, with the Admin5 platform, to give peers do Shanghai dragon friends exchange, I hope you can learn more about

, be sure to remember! !

is now ranked more and more difficult, remember before I just contact, keywords ranking is very easy to do, a website, as long as the investment of time may realize the decisive promotion, but now, everything becomes extraordinary, want to do a simple words are already in difficulty greatly promotion, not to mention some helpless situation, such as the K It is without rhyme or reason. under the station, suddenly drop right and so on, are irreversible to do keywords ranking to increase the difficulty, but the difficulty though, but it is not blocked do method for ranking all the way to the next and friends with the exchange of these problems


first, Kim first warned about some friends aren’t allowed in there, like the past, to buy some gold to buy some black chain link, what, can in a short time to achieve rapid rise in rank, optimize the formal means in the rankings up after, can be more lasting rankings, there are the black hat means into white hat means, it can be more long-term some ranking of the long-term stability, but now the situation is not, give people the feeling that one day the black, black life, as long as there is a stain, at any time can not appear bleaching, the lowest ranked lower degree the punishment, but once the site all the light, it tears.

next, and all the little gold exchange in the current reality, how to do web site keywords ranking:

ranking? A new beginning –

first, some fast optimization of the method should first of all get rid of, website optimization path task responsibilities, determine the confidence and then slowly insist, for the kind of heresy manual small Kim suggested friends abandon it, because there is no need to do only this way give us the final not happy, not what meaning, like Shanghai Lee in some information on the 26 month release, buy some gold to buy some black chain links, which mechanism of these in Shanghai love database, has been completely self understanding, so that the outcome will not be happy, so I thought I’d go down for a long time friends

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