Shanghai Dragon approaches to half of the construction of the external links

external links certainly requires a lot of testing, so that we can see what kind of chain is easy to get the weight transfer, very simple way, check the number of our chain in Webmaster tools, only YAHOO link in, can be used as a successful chain. The test lasts for about 2 weeks -4 weeks, because the search engine needs to repeatedly included or delete the article, only the long time stability of the chain is of value. Through my observation of your website, forum posting and general blog the chain has a very large collection of instability, after may also be deleted, or for the soft bait do outside the chain, is relatively stable, so we focus on these two aspects.

external links is the most concern for the majority of owners, we usually schedule work all around the topic. Today I according to the observation of a period of study, to share how to do effective external links. Only the effective external links, can be indexed by search engines and give the weight transfer, and ineffective external links will only waste our time, elaborated below.

way The construction of

free chain construction

pre test


Shanghai dragon is involved in a "very much, want to get a good ranking does not depend on a single factor, such as" the quality of their own, the weight value of the site itself, web content, repeat itself whether there is a link to the page and so on. Sometimes these factors influence each other, but on the whole, which is a very important point, is also the core issue of Shanghai Phoenix webmaster do need to be considered, namely the construction of external links.

is the first choice of webmaster, free chain, generally include technical and non-technical. The technology includes bait, such as the development of plug-ins, online tools and website templates, including writing soft Wen promotion, these are the very effective way. Non technical including forums and blog promotion, but the forum post to go to some high quality BBS, this forum has been most webmaster mining, but there is no part was found, these are also one of the effective methods.

pay Jianwai chain generally includes the purchase link, link unequal exchange, pay for the promotion of soft paper etc.. If the purchase link, save time, but to buy high quality, related links, renewal time must keep up, otherwise the influence of the website is very large; the unequal exchange links is to find some of the same weight of relatively high site, and they do link exchange, but need to recharge a month the cost for SE, it is not easy to be found. There is a pay to do soft Wen promotion, pay generally do soft Wen promotion to love Shanghai news website source, with news based, supplemented by industry. This will steadily increase the weight of the website. In addition, can also buy some of the links, such as blog link can.


approach to the construction of the chain

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