Some Shanghai dragon Typecho blog modifications

Typecho is a very good lightweight blog system, in the WordPress run today, the more love for Typecho, not only the use of fewer people, only WordPress compared with Typecho, too bloated, relatively slow, helpless, Shanghai dragon village level is only half of the PHP, but do not know the two times the development of what even. Oh, nonsense, said Typecho Shanghai Longfeng modification techniques, the following modifications will allow Taizhou to improve the friendliness of the Shanghai dragon blog for search engine.

optimizationSome of the things In fact, the

the essential of each site. In fact, the robots.txt set good effect on Shanghai dragon is very large, given below is mayor of Shanghai Longfeng set, this.

in WordPress, if the subject is not set, the general need to use the plug-in, or modify their own header.php, but in Typecho, you can directly modify the basic set of description and keywords can be. In one design, more in line with everyone’s habits.

four, Robots.txt

;?Optimization of

URL, a structural optimization

So how to optimize the

archiveTitle (”, ”, ‘-‘); > options-> title (?) >

article page? The article page is actually very simple, and can modify the effect of header.php as the mayor of Shanghai dragon blog. Here is the code.

two, the page title and the article Page Title Optimization

three, blog keywords and description informationThe

we need basic information in the background fill in the name of the site, site description, site keywords, as mayor of Shanghai Longfeng site name: Taizhou Shanghai dragon _ Taizhou website optimization – the mayor of Shanghai Longfeng blog. Keywords by the former, search engine to give the weight will be higher, I do not know is not so described anyway, you know. Kazakhstan.

and WordPress, in order to compete for the love of Shanghai’s goodwill, we usually set the pseudo static blog, even the static link with the plugin. Then the Typecho setting is very simple, in order to open the background settings – permanent links. Use the address rewriting function, and modify the custom path, the mayor of Shanghai Longfeng think /{category}/{slug}.html can accord with the characteristics of dragon and Phoenix optimization Shanghai, you do not know what kind of structure will feel better. This link directory structure is only one level, through the study of many Shanghai dragon Er blog, also chose the Shanghai dragon village.

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