The chain effect of details page contains URL set to determine the ranking trend

With the release of the chain



but not "/" the path is included, this is what causes it? Through the collection of page retrieval, we found that this link is a release, that is to say in the chain under the influence of that without "/" pages included:

, a unified path

algorithm can not be avoided, even if the site again good, also have to constantly adjust the position, after all, home shows very limited, high weight website has great advantages, but also give some new opportunities, so the details of the website is crucial for website optimization, especially in Shanghai to launch a number of optimization webmaster announcement love guide and Webmaster Platform released after the general direction let many webmaster understand website optimization.

a website u>

for this product as drunk mall appears to reflect, in URL the details of the deal should consider three aspects:

and URL, a seemingly simple question, but also bring confusion to many owners, such as home path with "/" and without "/" whether there is a difference between how 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝 and 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ processing in the chain? They are certain differences, we find the path the website homepage default is "/", outside chain release we should take "/". Because some of the details are handled properly, as the Mid Autumn Festival gift National Day approaching, love Shanghai included adjustment to delete the page, the site keywords disappeared.

page is intoxicants mall gift gallery page, the default path website column page is 贵族宝贝***.cn/placetea/, in the search path and find the love of Shanghai was not included:

The improved

love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2 to our advice is the same web site, only one URL, which appears as two pages and at the same time can access, but the search engine may define it as two different URL, at the same time, various forms of URL will be scattered the weight of the "of course, this is the two page are included under the situation; the observation that, love Shanghai for such different URL may start two will be included, but the back by adjusting only one of them will be included. Figure love Shanghai official information:

2012 love Shanghai search engine of change, let happy people worry. Fortunately, the search engine algorithm improved greatly enhance the user experience, Shanghai dragon competition is also more and more fair, all cheating and accidental factors will be gradually phased out; sadly, many webmaster to cast to the wind, pay too much, but did not receive a return.


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