The goal is the beginning of the Shanghai Dragon Road

information websites and e-commerce websites target distinct information website, keywords are mainly found new hot words, and long term development. Keywords of e-commerce category of words or focus on transactional keywords. Like a pair of eleven electricity supplier war, their goal is to let the user through the shopping cart, and ultimately buy. But not every site to direct the sales target. So our goal is to site owners themselves on the. For their own is the best. The webmaster will want to know how we make the website goal? The author with the webmaster to share their experience, hope to help the webmaster how to make clear your goals.

different website profit pattern is not the same, which determines the diversity of our website target. The main online marketing and offline marketing. The author will cite three examples to help understand the webmaster.

is a booster of Shanghai Longfeng network marketing, so to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, I think we first need to know what is the goal of the website, then the development strategy of Shanghai dragon. Your goals is, you want the user what to do on your site. In our website users will do is our target site.

again, your goals to single and clear. In the end we stand type, choose what kind of marketing method, have to consider carefully, otherwise we will conflict in the establishment of the time, you come out of the station for users, it is difficult to choose, is to give the user a set obstacle. Because we are more likely to clear goals to complete, if you want to do that it is very difficult.

We all know

second, develop a website data collection method. Network marketing is to collect accurate information. We can see the number of webmaster web browsing in website or server, the downloads and so on. For example, KFC’s network marketing is to achieve marketing goals through the form of print coupons, consumer online printed coupons to the store, it is also a means of marketing.

first, the target site to meet the user experience. For example, you do machinery website, website sales goal is to sell how many machines, so we don’t set your goals for online sales, it will be very tired. The best location is telephone sales, that allow users to directly contact the enterprise, then exchange and business telephone sales further, reach a sale. Because of the large amount of the machine, the user is difficult to directly buy website, direct sales of the road is not too realistic.

For example,

eleven passed, there will be twelve. Take Tmall, we are not familiar with this platform, but many brands which is strange to you, the user and the strange brand contact rate to reach five to ten times will really buy. General unknown small brands once the user is rarely left the site.

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