Some advantages and disadvantages of emlog station

can be divided into several points:

third, custom page is not perfect: emlog custom page strictly speaking is a single page, but the page is not equal to the classification, single page does not support the write log, so the single page is not too ideal, belong to the basic function of chicken ribs. But after creating a single page, single page will appear in the navigation, navigation should belong to the classification of EMLOG, now this also requires the well.

, the first compact simple enough. Hundreds of emlog k data let us shine at the moment, compared to Dede at 6, the size of 7MB, it is very small. Even if the zblog have been larger than it several times, the complexity of the pages several times, which makes a lot of love simple stationmaster, very benefit.

second, flexible and fast enough. If not write PHP webmaster, emlog is also very flexible and fast. It can freely customize the right sidebar, and the location can also custom settings, such as calendar plug-in, plug-in message etc..

The advantages of

third, free template. The official provides an excellent template enough, like the WP, whether it is from the use of function, or appearance, have enough love emlog users to develop templates, which can find their own needs.

today is summed up three advantages and three bad. If you think that is not important, I can only say you Shanghai dragon and Phoenix station optimization function need to enhance the look, the points above.

head, second yuan mark is not reasonable: meta tags include title, description, tag tags and keywords tag. The first is the title, the default emlog is behind the blog will automatically take the site title, but in the actual situation, the title of the site considering Shanghai Longfeng, so it is very long and entrainment keywords, which leads to the blog title has certain repeatability; second, each page is called the same blog a head, if the title and description to write long, will have a direct impact on each page.

for many webmaster, in addition to WP and zblog for having heard it many times, the emlog blog also gradually into people’s vision, because itself is simple enough, it is developed rapidly. Take advantage of its own website today in the years of emlog experience to sum up and disadvantages.

first, when one of the first is not static html. Although emlog support pseudo static, but a lot of the time still need to be static, such as the Shanghai Longfeng considerations, such as page aesthetic considerations, static basic is a system of standard functions, the search engine will give better treatment of static pages so I hope to be able to be improved.

but at the same time, emlog also has its own shortcomings:

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