Website optimization Shanghai dragon eight common mistakes

, a keyword selection error

six, ignore the with keyword domain name

seven, the lack of site content keyword

picture although good-looking, perhaps users may love, but the search engine is unable to read it. The content of your site is to the customer, but the search engine if not included, what

five, website content pure picture


meta tag is to tell what is the main content of your site search engine, generally not more than three, but Shuttle recently found a lot in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon Er have meta tags to estimate, research competitors is considered, but Shuttle still recommend the most important words with meta tags.

and ignore the meta tags in stark contrast, the webmaster can not wait to all can think of the word is written to the meta label, the result is not important, you don’t want to think, love Shanghai, Google spider did not mind after all, it will not take you to write all the content as a key, you may well be the most important the contents of the spider to think is not important, important content of the ranking is very good.

two, ignore the meta label

Flash is very good, Shuttle has seen some of the top flash station, but Shuttle will tell you is love Shanghai, Google is still unable to identify the flash, those in the front of the flash station absolutely done or are doing advertising, or done a similar love like Google for Shanghai. Do not think that the ranking is the site to do good, do it behind exactly how much and how much you know?


domain contains the keyword ranking on the site still can play a role, see love Shanghai, Google domain should understand why the domain name contains keywords! Although only a small part of the site optimization ranking, but you are perfect, why not have a good ranking.

three, meta excessivelyconcentrating

to the client?

four, pure Flash website


keyword selection error this is probably one of the biggest mistake, it is most likely to make a mistake. Even experienced web developers is also very easy to make this mistake. For example "Hebei Shanghai dragon" of the word, the word generally search Hebei Shanghai dragon all understand website optimization knowledge of Shanghai dragon er or Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, the real needs of customers won’t search, if they want to find a company to do site optimization, so the search may be "Hebei site optimization company" "Hebei site optimization". So the website keyword optimization can not be imagined to stand in the customer’s point of view, many people ask how, such ideas will be wider, not dead.


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