Three enterprises and foreign trade website target keywords easily set

through the "view source" option, the browser will pop up a record web page source code text tools, such as notepad. Keywords general site will be at the beginning of "part of the source code, is labeled as follows: meta na>

first talk about how to find the top-ranking website, open the noble baby website, pay attention to do foreign trade to choose English noble baby website, and then enter the main products of the enterprise, here I choose "Sofa" this word.


1) to find a suitable site.

through the search engine to find the noble baby, get some advertising rankings and natural ranking enterprise, which is written on a yellow background Ads pay per click ranking, general PPC keywords not consider, first we choose the natural ranking on the website. Because this part of the website keyword optimized, understand customer search habits, is a rare reference material.

is a corporate website or trade promotion website, the first step is to do the content, which is the main factor to attract customers. The second is the set of keywords with high quality, because this method only consider the choice of keywords, other factors affect the ranking will not be discussed in this paper. A website keyword selection will directly affect their website ranking in search engines. At the same time ranking on the affected site traffic, unless it is a well-known enterprises, especially the newly established widely on the application of the products of large enterprises, the scope of competition or trade enterprise, need to search engine guide customers come to visit the site, it will cause promotion effect is poor, the click rate from the low to affect the company’s customer consulting and sales performance.

view and click into the site in the browser page is unable to see the website with what keywords, because the site keywords in the source code of the web page, the search engine for reference, does not appear directly in front of the user. To view the source code, we need to look at the other with the tools menu. This can be done by clicking the right mouse button or the View menu "view source".

, a reference to industry leading enterprises or the top-ranking website

keyword is customer input to search information, key words need to be considered from the customer perspective. In sales or website management, may be how to set the appropriate keywords and trouble, because if often modify keywords, search engines will be punished. After the practice I find three ways to find the precise keywords, can use the labor of others, choose the right keywords. In this paper, the furniture industry as an example, the method that selected keywords.

3) find the keyword in the source file.


2) to enter the site to view the source code of


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