Note the nternet search mobile friendly love Shanghai

page readability includes 3 aspects: the page loading speed experience, page structure, page browsing experience

The core idea of


first, the main page of text and background color should be obvious discrimination

in addition, love.

the second page must be the main content of paragraphs, layout clear

with the popularity of mobile Internet, network and network civil maturity upgrade, many sites have developed APP, a mobile site, and BAT as one of the three big love Shanghai, is the introduction of the official document "love Shanghai mobile search friendly standards v1.0", aims to help the webmaster better mobile experience and next, "love Shanghai mobile search share some views mentioned in" friendly degree. PS: see below before, please switch to use mobile phone use thinking love Shanghai to find information in the scene. This helps to understand the.

.Jpg: a page readability dimension page readability

: in addition to the search results to meet the needs of one mobile site also need to meet these points: the search results page loading speed, page browsing experience, resources or functions easy to use, whether the page with mobile terminal adapter.

if the page structure difference without browsing experience. In the premise of page structure quality, to enhance the page browsing experience, can be carried out from these 2 aspects:

second, avoid irrelevant content on the main content, at the same time, love Shanghai will crack down malicious floating layer / pop acts. And according to the severity of the impact of the user experience, to reduce the processing in the sorting of search results. Will be deducted points of these cases: advertising subject, advertising to cover the user’s line of sight, dynamic snatch ads interspersed subject. Page browsing experience:

first, the page layout of the structure is reasonable and clear, through the love of Shanghai arrived in search ", the content of the page is now subject to the center of the screen mobile phone. Easy to read. At the same time, according to the mobile phone screen to adjust the size of the page (front end adapted to different mobile phone resolution), so that the user can avoid lateral drag around to the use of the process, or to zoom. (the writer after browsing some novel site, there is the case).

love Shanghai user experience data showed that the page loading time should be controlled within 3 seconds. The page for more than 5 seconds, 78% of users will choose to leave. At the same time, the page loading speed is one of the most important factors affecting the search results sort of love Shanghai. (keyword ranking is not ideal, can detect the web page loading speed, recommended page structure:

as a personal webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER practitioners from 4 dimensions to enhance the love of Shanghai mobile friendly, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the site in search results.

page loading speed experience:


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