How to get through the chain of high quality marketing software

four, classified information network. It can be said now the classification of information website chain weight is relatively high, a private understanding, published in Witkey task, usually a price of classified information links is 1 – 2 yuan, we can see that the badiu give weight and high attention to this kind of website. But we should also pay attention to the correlation of columns, but don’t do clothing, the information in the hardware section, nor can one do more, do it slowly, every day to add a little more.


three, to release some of the friends of the chain chain site for the release of information, at the same time, not only do the chain, but also left the exchange chain links, the webmaster can chain love Shanghai exchange the word, ranked in the top two pages of the site can go to the next release, at the same time.

The release of

two, the same industry website. Must pay attention to the correlation in the exchange of time, not what kind of website to exchange, such as the www.chong贵族宝贝 qunfa is the Shanghai dragon blog marketing software, if you find a clothing website to exchange the friends of the chain, it is not very appropriate, so you must be careful of, although the baidu algorithm. The adjustment of the friends of the chain, in order to fight against the black chain and buy links, but the right page is still the highest throughout the site, and we should pay attention to is not to delete the chain often, not once added a lot of increase in time to slowly increase to just have the effect.

believe that every webmaster all know, the substance of a website to do about the same time, you can start to build the implementation of the chain. The chain can be said to be one of the important factors affecting the website ranking, how to do the high quality the chain, how to obtain high quality, which we believe is not strange, but also understand the chain of high quality factors including included faster and stronger correlation and popularity to prosperous, so today Chong Shanghai Dragon again Laosheng talk again

forum four, the release of information, the forum has been is the chain of the build-up, where is the webmaster do most of the chain, the chain is the most easy to fall in place, so do the forum outside the chain should pay attention to several aspects, one is the release of the original content, not advertising component is too high, if you can get the soft in soft, not to engage in advertising components are not too high, the two is the content must be readable, if reading is not fluent, then look at the less, the post is not fire, do not click on this link, so the quality is not very high, the three is the correlation or front stresses, which is very important, Baidu has always emphasized the correlation, have to pay attention to this part, four is the post title can appear long tail keywords best, adding content >

Friend chain exchange

, a journal of your soft, relatively high quality of the substance to the industry information website submission, if considered appropriate and published, the number is reproduced and browsing. The quality of the chain brings is also very good, but also played the role of marketing, must remember wenyiding to form soft soft.

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