Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Salon how to flow through the sharing of fun

station network (admin5贵族宝贝) news: share in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform love Shanghai salon held in November 6th in Shanghai, love web search senior manager Hu Rong introduced the current popular topic — relationship between SMO and Shanghai dragon. Explain the relationship between Shanghai and Shanghai share the love of love between the ranking.

salon were introduced in Shanghai to share the love page sharing and photo sharing function. Different types and choosing the appropriate button owners can according to their own site. Recommended – thumb and share annotation to a new home and other functions are also made of high-quality content for the user guide, promote the website brand influence. Install love Shanghai sharing web site, the number of love Shanghai will analyze the crawler user sharing behavior and recommendation, and thus influence and improve the love Shanghai search rankings. According to relevant data, there have been more than 100 million websites to install love Shanghai share, including the school on behalf of the network, beauty and many other well-known websites. (finishing / triumphantly)

in the salon, Hu Rong introduced the current development situation of domestic and foreign social sharing. In addition to sharing is becoming the most important way to obtain information search abroad. The share button has become the essential module of each site. Social sharing is the value of social flow cycle. With the social media based promotion strategy and marketing system also came into being, has attracted more and more attention of webmaster, in addition to become Shanghai Longfeng another site to enhance user and order transformation ways. Owners through the use of love Shanghai share, on its website to install a JS code easily mainstream third party websites are integrated in the share button on your own website, meet those who are active in the different third party website users sharing needs, and through the sharing of content and links to import more social flow in the third party website, promotion website the number of users, and ultimately bring more traffic to the site.

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