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permission mail marketing its extended version, database marketing is a long-term process, need to have "hidden – contribution value" – nurturing trust – Transaction – chasing the system process. And to do bidding for the webmaster, almost 99% have a "night money" trend of thought, how can they have the patience to go through such a long process, to cultivate customers, and finally achieve clinch a deal.

currently used in domestic mail marketing is the largest training class webmaster Wangzhuan, they use the mailing list for database marketing, to establish the visitor’s sense of trust, continuous contribution value, until one day were even 1% customers. And other kinds of websites, especially the single page of the bidding type, have almost no mail permission marketing, and don’t use database marketing at all, so they can see that every click of 2 yuan is wasted in vain.

looked at the flow not easily won is wasted, which do not love, who do not want even if you don’t buy a consultation is to give owners a comfort, ask who don’t want to even a single day turnover? Before considering the conversion rate of the site I thought of bidding why don’t you page permission email marketing, database marketing, why not

2 years ago, Lubin left his 8 year job at shlf1314, where he transformed Android from a small project into one of the world’s most powerful mobile operating systems. Since then, he founded the incubator Playground Global, has financing $more than 300 million, to support the development of some AI, robotics, AR projects.

here is the younger brother on the bidding page, why not license mail marketing a few conjectures:

almost 99% of the auction page is to profiteering products for profit, want to realize the dream of wealth in the short term, almost all is to copy the successful magic, a project is to stay and continue to make amplification, do not make change to other projects, to continue the test until you find profitable projects, earn a lot of money and violence in another place, never seek long-term development, naturally no need to establish a database, cultivate customer.

recently, some sources said, Andy, ·, Lubin Andy Rubin ready to set up a company called Essential, their own CEO, aimed at high-end smart phone market. Lubin is the creator of the Android operating system.

sources say Foxconn has negotiated mobile phone manufacturing with Essential. Now, Essential’s operations include shlf1314, apple, Samsung and Ma>

station mentality exclusion

On CES2017, Lubin discussed mobile phones with mobile operators, such as Sprint,

people familiar with the matter said. The core of the new company’s Essential system is high-end smartphones, installing the "edge to side" screen without a sharp border.

has many platforms for licensing mail abroad, with Autoresponder, Awe>

licensing marketing platform

, another person familiar with the matter, Essential engineers have developed a proprietary connector that can recharge batteries and expand cell phones in the future. With magnetic connectors, Essential and third parties can develop hardware attachments to add functionality to smartphones.


brother SEO recently means to do a bidding project, it is to find a lucrative product, design a so-called psychological single page sales, then SEO will finally make flow, cash flow, achieve profits higher. Over 2 months, sh419 finally gate and directional flow slowly into my well-designed site, visitors through watching the waves, but saw no one to consult, not to mention the purchase conversion.

short term projects do not seek long-term

product feature restrictions

it is understood that in November 2015, Lubin registered the "Essential Products Inc." company to the California regulators; at the end of 2016, the company with "Essential" in the name of the United States Patent and Trademark Office registered list of products and services including intelligent mobile phone, tablet, accessories, computer and mobile phone operating system. It is unclear whether the device will install the Android operating system.

general permission mail marketing is based on the front-end – backend model, the front end is mainly grasping customer information, do not care whether to make money, the real money is in the back end. And bidding products itself is a single product, can be said to be a hammer trading, no follow-up products, but no more tight service, there is no need to use licensing marketing.

, a person familiar with the matter, said Lubin’s goal is to start selling mobile phones in the middle of next year. The price is similar to that of iPhone 7. The plan has not been fixed and is changing. Earlier, it was reported that Lubin was developing a cell phone.

from the existing information, Lubin’s mobile phone against Apple iPhone, shlf1314 Pixel, aimed at high-end market. Sources say Lubin’s cell phone will be made of high-end materials and, over time, the handset will add new hardware capabilities. The team is testing new designs for mobile phones, the border is metal and the back is ceramic, the source said.

media reports said, Essential is a platform company, designed to integrate a variety of devices. Lubin will AI software knowledge and their mastery of the combination, the current team has 40 people, some from shlf1314 and apple, is developing a series of consumer hardware products, some products aimed at mobile and smart home market.

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