How to avoid the misunderstanding of site operation


flow and therefore increase the profit cannot do without words. But the key is not the more the better. Keywords too stack, the description of the website often have no relation with the number of keywords, and keywords is likely to far exceed the normal site. Although good keywords is half the success, but the result is one of the key words, search engine will think over optimization, easy to cause the site to drop right, K. When is the truth.


many webmaster every day love to do one thing is to see their website ranking and weight, included, as a webmaster, seems to be common in obsessive-compulsive disorder. So the website data change always affects the webmaster heart. When the data is floating, many owners are swaying daxitaibei psychological torment. Many webmaster do for Shanghai dragon, but the effect was not significant. In fact, the process of Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of misunderstanding.

to choose and set up reasonable. Keywords are important site optimization, keep the keywords for the stability of the weights of the website is stable and has an important significance to improve, many owners mistakenly think that the choice of keywords, of course, should choose "popular keywords", because the popular means search volume, will bring more traffic.

in the optimization process in some webmasters do not see the keywords effect when trying to cater to popular search terms and ongoing changes to the existing keywords, but the change will really bring the website optimization of the rankings, the effect is probably not?. As a result most likely is in the opposite direction, that is punished by a search engine. The result is to be punished, right down and further investigation on site, the most obvious manifestation is that use the SITE command to view the web site collected at home from the first disappeared, the site collected gradually decreased.

keyword layout? Key words must have a reasonable density. Optimization of the main keywords, popular keywords and long tail keywords should grasp the law. Layout in accordance with the priorities in the web site. Generally speaking, the main keywords mainly on the title and description to do, mainly on the popular keyword description and program to do, and then the long tail keywords is mainly on the content.

search engine included steps through the spider to crawl and grab, and then to the content of the index, next to the number of words, the spider crawling, the higher the possibility will be included. Crawling after will be indexed by the keywords, and according to the ranking algorithm will be ranked according to the contents of these rankings, then finally displayed on the user’s desktop. So the website keywords do good, is often the key to successful operation of the website.

also has a real dilemma: popular keywords to the most competitive, these keywords ranking do go up, according to the site location, reasonable choice of keywords for website will often bring unexpected traffic and ranking.

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