Shanghai dragon wheel chain techniques and Application

and Shanghai Shanghai dragon wheel chain sprocket Dragon:

wheel chain, we must understand what is Shanghai dragon wheel chain, a chain wheel is called Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon sprocket, actually is not accurate, a concept of the introduction of Shanghai dragon wheel chain and sprocket Shanghai dragon here:

Before doing

ABCDE five blog, which issued an article on the A blog, the anchor text pointing to your site in the article. Then when the end of the article, then make an anchor text pointing to the B blog, the anchor text name may be the name of the B blog. The same way, B blog writing is key point to your site, a link at the end of the C blog, and so on. In order to form a closed annular link, thus greatly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking.


saw an article on the Shanghai dragon round tips chain on the Internet recently, feel very interesting, out to share with you, here at the same time, the skills and experience of Shanghai dragon wheel chain on your own.

what is the Shanghai dragon chain? In fact, in my article, Shanghai Dragon (link wheel) chain have been introduced briefly here shows what:


what is the Shanghai dragon wheel chain:

through the illustration above we can clearly understand that Shanghai dragon wheel chain and sprocket from Shanghai dragon. Before we have to Shanghai dragon sprocket skill of the depth of analysis, see above "based on the pattern of Shanghai dragon skills" chain "(Link Wheel) senior sprocket chain construction strategy graphic", here do not say, we mainly talk about the role and use of skills of Shanghai dragon wheel chain based on today.

: Published articles to A (the —–A page), A website published articles reprinted B pages left A page URL (A—B+a), B station published articles reprinted C pages left AB page URL (B—C+ab), and so on, the last page: E published articles reprinted F page leave the ABCDE page of the URL (E—F+abcde), forming a B, C, D, E4 pages are left a link (a link to the final page A page), thus greatly enhance the weight of A page. This is the concept of chain wheel.

The difference between

also in the previous round of chain skills, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng put forward the concept of mixed chain and mixed chain is a chain wheel improved version. Personally feel that the wheel chain has been sufficient, mixed chain will add a huge workload, today we only discuss the way of the chain wheel temporarily. According to this principle so we can bring us to analyze the chain wheel.

As shown in figure

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