Share my learning Shanghai Dragon (a)

had to give myself a target of these two sites must adhere to more than half a year, so in addition to wait for updates and every day, what can I do, because you know too little, too lack of theoretical knowledge, the thought of buying books online self-study, later on

book is a little thickness, feel the author spent a lot of energy (respect……). Because there is little interest, so I thought I could look, only to find the original, this type of book for the original network applications have not started the novice, there is really such as general mumbo-jumbo (very ashamed). With everything from the way of are not willing to lose momentum, hard to chew a few days put it down in black and white, finally defeated — the "password" into the drawer bottom computer desk, out of sight.

remember 10 days ago, I was hoping the wait for a few days, to express the "Shanghai dragon combat code" the book in my hands.

included site, snapshot update is a heart test, or even the suffering, there are several unknown, really wanted to give up. But, it’s not me, I want to insist, I will succeed.

then put the "password" out, hard to bite down, to their own website, is carefully studied in an afternoon, seemed to suddenly have some insight…

he had on the website, search engine optimization and online marketing absolutely ignorant of the situation, rushed into the breast products and weight loss products of the two war hot network competition, that have a beautiful page, you can win the world of the folks of all ages.

The results of

this afternoon, when to update their site, suddenly felt their own website, a bit awkward, but because of the shallow knowledge, there is no way anxious improvement. The loss of feeling, and this should be the reason related "password" said.

…The original

remember that no analysis of keywords, no study keywords layout, because her boyfriend is efficient talent website, so I want to say in the future have their own website, on the afternoon of the same day really had. Unfortunately, he had no time for me, and he just set up a website soon, and I also don’t understand optimization, even though he knows the importance of a website optimization.

start, as can be imagined, included for several major search engines is a long waiting process. Once lost, feel every day update work ah, copy, copy, in his first two years of work experience for capital, write original. After really included, ranking is a problem. Once, a friend in Shanghai, look at my website, I pointed out the home page in the title, keywords, and description of the contents of the serious mistakes, I also gradually in his talk with my bitter chew "password" experience, finally got the Shanghai dragon shallow entry sense.

Wait for

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