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Identify potential customers

Whether it is

core of

the IDC forum to find potential customers, the methods used are: QQ space, QQ group propaganda propaganda, mass mailing, using the resources related to exchange links, do Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization, publicity for most of the ad is: free chain, IDC advertising. For the IT for the promotion, free advertising is their most important needs, often these users are learning technology in the hair of the chain, forum shopping.

forum as a platform for users of the original, the main role is to provide the valuable content to users in the forum will be the core content location before operation of the forum. An important function of IT technology forum is to IT for beginners to provide a learning platform, improves their ability, resource sharing and exchange experiences convenience for technology enthusiasts. As a technical forum needs to have its own characteristics at all, to have their own website, not just a single forum for unfamiliar users, portal + forum can attract more user attention, the site’s trust will also improve some.

IT technical forum target customers are mainly IT, scope of the first analysis of this group of user activity, customers need to learn the knowledge in the forum, hope customers in the forum to share with you what. Promotion of new technology forum, to other forums outside the chain promotion activities, doing propaganda work. It is the IT Technology Forum, facing the customers are Internet users, so the network platform for the promotion of all can be utilized. It is not hard to find their potential customers, the real difficulty in operation is how to retain the potential customers, so that they become loyal followers.

forum operations has been shared through here, the method with you then enjoy some operations, the author aims to share is not a community forum or entertainment forum, today to share with you is to do IT forum operation experience.

or Laoniao grassroots webmaster webmaster, how many really needs to learn some techniques. In order to establish a website operation, not the domain name, host, site program, these three elements can be seemingly simple often become the biggest problem in the webmaster, has experienced a long exploration after the establishment of a IT technology exchange forum. The difference is that with the community forum forum small audience, is hard to find the potential customers.

Methods and skills of Forum

technology group to be divided into several kinds: software technology, Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology, network marketing, website technology, IDC technology, the most fire is the exchange of software resources and network security technology forum, this forum is the biggest characteristic of generally has the original resources, and closer to the user the need for daily use of computer. Of course, whether it is software or IDC operators according to the core content of good market research orientation, then toward the core of the development.

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