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URL and page content is a clear, representative. Keywords URL address must be with a dash (-), and (_) or other non underlined character segmentation. But if your website has used the underscore, then you don’t have to change into the dash, this will search engine to index, The loss outweighs the gain. You need to develop a simple URL address, because too many characters may give a hypothetical malicious web site, not easy to maintain.


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network marketing industry. The search engine in order to improve the user experience, and constantly update algorithm. Selected high quality most relevant search results page. There are many strategies can improve your ranking in the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engine website. However, in the implementation of strategy, should first check the website of the Shanghai based Phoenix optimization done? In this article, we will explain the Huizhou Shanghai dragon with a good Shanghai Longfeng elements include basic optimization, how to maximize the use of it.

"meta information can be introduced to the user what is your web page title (Title) is generally not more than 70 characters; keywords (KeyWords) is generally not more than 100 characters; description (Description) is generally not more than 150 characters. Key words is to tell the search engine set your target keywords (not visible to a user in front); description contains important keywords to attract readers, they also affect many people decide whether to visit your site, and not just the site title. In addition, if you manage a brand, or a personal website of a company as everyone knows, his words appear in.

on your site, increase site navigation site in good segmentation keywords and make clear and concise web site, so as to get a higher position in the search engine.

because search engines cannot "see" in your pictures on the site, you must be in the meta tag image (ALT tag) were named to tell what is the search engine this picture. As far as possible in the ALT tag written description, because of the keyword density adjustment target it to help you, but very small pictures (e.g. more+) do not recommend ALT tags, but will the anti, let the search engine that you deliberately do keyword stack. In addition to set the image title tags (the mouse on the picture will appear above the content within the title tag) is also very important, inevitably images can not be successfully loaded this time, it will play a role, effectively improve the user experience.

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