Content is king, the chain for emperor of the situation will completely change the possibility of


just in the beginning of the operation of the site has been to every day to the website innovation some original content as the honor, can feel very happy to see some of the original article increase their website every day, but now see many webmaster friends are talking about the original content might not be able to get recognition, combined with the actual situation of their own website look, if so, perhaps love Shanghai search engine now determine the site of the standard has not in the original content to judge, perhaps love Shanghai is to fundamentally improve the user experience of the website, so a word of love Shanghai Description: only meet the needs of the user can obtain the content of the construction of the search the engine’s trust, it seems now the love of Shanghai also requires a series of our website content can meet the user’s needs, not just Original, if you still think the original king, it is completely mistaken.

had been issued by the chain chain stable website, now seems to decrease


had been the original content for glory, now just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum

entered the Internet a webmaster told me: if you want to website ranking, so we must adhere to the "content is king, the chain for emperor", more than two years in the past, now so old Adsense words still remain in my mind, but rely on the idea of "content is king, the chain for the emperor" it has become history, this month continuous on-line two new sites, creating original content, continue to release the chain, but has not yet been included, that content is king, the chain for the emperor of the situation facing the inevitable changes.

if the previous website ranking dropped, not included within the site, send the chain on the line, please release the chain of some specialized personnel released some of the chain in some forums, then second days to get a look at the website ranking again, included in the site is normal, and now the same the method is not able to bring the same effect, yesterday I in some forum hands released some outside the chain, and then immediately to the analysis of spider RT records, Shanghai has found love spider crawling over a few pages of the web site, but through the site:+ web site to see, or not included, what this shows that although the chain to attract spiders, but can not affect the spider on the website of the judge, in the past as long as through the stability of the chain came to grab page, The web page will generally be included, from the current situation, the chain for the emperor’s situation may also has become the past.

according to the search.

we can see that the two site has not been included, do stand in the same way as before August, on-line sites have now been included, why these two sites take the same approach is not able to get the love of Shanghai recognized? In my opinion "content is king, the chain for the emperor" pattern has been produced change.

Now we are going to

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