A5 Yue Huai Shanghai dragon to do their own unique Shanghai dragon follow the disadvantages of tacti

I do not know what time from the beginning, the Shanghai dragon circles that "competitors to discover what new content, we will follow" and "competitors do what we do, what local competitors in the hair of the chain, we also follow the" follow the tactics gradually popular. And enduring, intensified.

"friends, baizhanbudai", almost all of Shanghai Longfeng experts stressed that before the implementation of the website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy must be carried out detailed data analysis of Shanghai dragon after determining the Shanghai dragon main competitors of competitors, we should be on the site’s main rival Shanghai Longfeng target and the Shanghai dragon means analysis the strategic level and tactical level range, through a variety of data (site location, domain name age, major search engines, chain number, quality, domain distribution and chain station measures, Shanghai dragon means, keyword set — including keywords heat, landing pages and keywords ranking, mining, traffic, estimation of long tail keywords to estimate the conversion rate) in-depth understanding of competitors, even from the perspective of consumers and competitors Hand feedback marketing strategy, review the whole industry and the needs of potential users, according to our own advantage, I give priority to, determine the overall marketing strategy of our own Shanghai Longfeng and Planning – "not ready", but this does not mean that the "Shanghai dragon following tactics".

must be stressed that the essence of "Shanghai dragon following tactics" is the "pseudo original copy collection" — and in Shanghai Longfeng marketing strategy on the level of "copy acquisition pseudo original, small and medium-sized website marketing use follow the tactics with little success. Even if the entire Internet industry, follow the tactics of successful cases also exist only in the Internet "brand giant", they are not completely by parroting the following tactics, "brand Na" are merely the forthgoer in practice found the huge business opportunities which, after the operation on the basis of experience and lessons from each other. Give full play to their own flow, capital, technology and brand advantages, occupy the market share unceasingly, so although the first step of the weak competitors did not fight back, only watched their good ideas for others to do awake ", such as BSP and micro-blog blog is such a typical case.

A5 www.yuehuai贵族宝贝 marketing team with stationmaster net Yue said: from the "benefits only follow the tactics, the competitor discovered what new content, we will follow" and "competitors do what we do," "competition where the hair of the chain, we also follow" follow the tactics that you can quickly make up for their rival Shanghai dragon gap, familiar with a good method of industry of Shanghai Longfeng situation, effective training of staff.

, in contrast, generally use the "Shanghai dragon follow the tactics of small and medium-sized site, in the flow of funds, technology, brand.

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