Chairman of nobility baby Schmidt we did not search monopoly

ComScore data, in September the noble baby search market share in the United States is 65.3%, August 64.8%, YAHOO’s market share fell below 16%.

Schmidt said in response, shopping and comment function is not independent, it is added to the search engine, the main users want more immediate answers, not even to other websites. He said: "there is no independent what your.

there are companies that noble baby ranking in the search results for their own services, Schmidt responded: "no nobility baby’s own service ranked high, if the service is for other companies, will be ranked in the same high."

Lan De (Robert Lande) think, try to avoid the market problems of great nobility baby, but that everything in the world are competing with noble baby. He said: "I think the noble baby will fail in this, but no matter how they will try." group had accused infringement of nobility baby anti monopoly law, members of Congress have questioned on the matter, Schmidt did not respond. said in a statement: "today, Schmidt continues to not respond to congressional concerns, Congress worried about their baby by aristocratic monopoly."

University of Baltimore law professor

comment Ylep Foundem accused Britain against the network, reducing their nobility baby ranked in the results, because they compete directly with the noble baby.

According to

FTC is the United States antitrust investigation on the aristocratic baby, see if it hurt competition. The U.S. government wants to determine whether the Googole has sufficient market power, control prices, excluding competitors, if it would be a violation of anti-monopoly law.

Schmidt also said in the letter, the noble baby’s competitors have more than old competitors such as Microsoft, Bing, YAHOO, including Facebook and Siri. Siri is the speech recognition service Apple launched last month. Schmidt said: "due to the emergence of new situation of access to information, we sometimes fail to estimate its competitive threat."

Beijing on November 5th news, aristocratic baby chairman Schmidt in a letter to the Congress of the United States antitrust Committee said in a letter to the aristocrat, baby did not have a monopoly on the Internet search company, and Facebook, apple, Microsoft and other competition. Schmidt wrote: "noble baby has many powerful competitors, there can be no nobility baby reminds me of the characteristics of market power."

September 21st, Congress held hearings, and abuse of the search market status of the nobility baby. Schmidt’s letter is to answer some questions of the hearing. Schmidt believes that, in determining whether an enterprise has enough market share, the formation of monopoly, competition, legal standard is consistent with the noble baby.

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