How do the site was punished after the love of Shanghai

site within the chain unobstructed, occupies a very important position in the search engine optimization. You can use Adsense tools, the whole site inspection. If the death of too much, directly affect the search engine spider web crawling and crawling. This is also a factor in the site is down right. As we go to large shops, suddenly found that many written export place, the door is blocked, we will not feel tired of this store. The search engine spiders is the same as customers, will hate this situation. Then check the broken chain, and finally the death and bad chain all deleted, so that search engine spiders unimpeded inside the site, and submit the site again to love Shanghai, make the site to return to a normal state.

we all know, the love of Shanghai is currently the largest search engine users around 78%, accounted for more than half of the market. So we do Chinese station, you need to spend a lot of time to study the search engine algorithm love Shanghai. It is our website live, page included, snapshot update changes, keywords ranking and so on, and now love Shanghai manual intervention, the search results will directly affect the operation of the entire key to our website. Love Shanghai algorithm in constant flux, artificial intervention does not stop changes. If one is not careful, more than a penalty line to love Shanghai. The website will appear, keywords ranking, included reducing, site home is not in the first place, there are some problems such as artificial adjustment ranking, seriously affected the entire web traffic, even let website always suffering oppression. If you encounter such things, do not have to worry too much, can take some measures to deal with these problems. Find some website of its own existence, and make good use of the following points. Let our website quickly out of love Shanghai punishment, and restore the weight of the website and included.

third: the principle of

content is king

second: checkpoints outside links, to avoid black chain

: first check the internal links, delete chain and bad chain

A factor

loved Shanghai wants fast out of the punishment, punishment, it is necessary to strengthen the efforts of the site released a large number of the original article. The search engine is to provide useful information for the user, and the original text will also tend to be very high quality articles for users is also very fresh. These are also users want to search information, in addition to the original text, but also into.

is most likely to be love Shanghai punishment, the chain is the site of the. In the evaluation of search engine crawling and web page weight when will be relevant to judge according to the website of the chain. Some friends may use black chain others illegally obtaining high weight website links. There are also friends through FTP to get links, these improper methods, love of Shanghai hit the object. So in the construction of the chain, the chain should maintain stable and high quality. To avoid a large number of the chain for a period of time, to ensure that is suspected of cheating.


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