The line for three years to talk about their own views for some Shanghai Dragon

in the construction of the chain.

said that I want to remind you that the content construction is the most important part of the site, in it don’t play what clever, some Adsense hard copy and paste content from other sites, but in the end that did not enhance the website ranking, the snapshot is updated until after 15 days, which is not miserable the webmaster? And pseudo original, the change of the key words for their own, so the user experience straight down, the content and key words have no relevance, the spider is not a fool, if the repetition rate is high, the user experience is not enough, it is directly to the site down the right, so still this sub >

in my opinion, although the chain for the emperor is everyone must know the industry standard, but the subject of a website is inevitable, we want to present to users of the product, is the information sharing, and not even the chain link, how important for website construction, but also enrich the contents of carrying out the website based on the on the basis of no compelling content, only dozens of links to the site, it is tell some fantastic tales.

think of yourself to do Shanghai dragon now has several years of time, from the beginning do not know what is now Shanghai dragon can put key words do home before three, their progress is obvious to people. But compared to those of Shanghai dragon master, I have less. Some owners may ask why I can progress so fast? I want to say is that any industry has its own laws of things, it is often said that the "unspoken rule", to master these skills, starting with optimization will be more effective. Here I am with a personal experience for Shanghai dragon optimization in the end what points should be paid attention to.

2. web site operators must have a stable source of high quality

can’t deny that part of the webmaster is in the chance to involve Shanghai dragon industry, many of them in Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques are not very understanding, even the basic HTML do not know, in their eyes, Shanghai dragon website optimization is actually crazy payment link whether the forum, blog or directory, that every day there are ten links to join, they thought of doing this can let the spider remember their own website, so as to improve the site’s ranking.

1. do not take all the center put

I have said before, the website is the main content behind a successful web site must be high the original nature of the content, and some owners may ask my website is not news, so my site does not need content? The idea of course not, take me it is my clothing, although there are some products in the site, but I still have a part of space for content update, customer reviews, recommendations and in industry information is an indispensable section, although they occupy the space is not much, but to enrich website content must be made distinctions won in battle.


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