We often ignore the details summarized six optimization process

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social networking sites we have to attach importance to the social networking site this one. But now a share of the times, is an advocate of free speech of the times, through the website of the social network sharing tools will undoubtedly experience your user friendly site has a good role in promoting. Especially we can find the love Shanghai released its own social network to share love Shanghai sharing tools, we can not pay more attention to one of the tools to share details.

record every day of our optimization process, and then we can establish a more accurate optimization strategy. Analysis on record will give you better results in our optimization process in which work is the best work, which is useless, which is doing the optimization when you come to an end, you will find that these will be your next work in precious materials. The optimization of personnel in the change to continue learning to deal with the search engines, you should also pay attention to the summary and analysis of experience.

details: optimization will need to record

may also have the optimization novice has not read web log habits, as optimization personnel, we can not ignore the daily log on the site of the habit of checking. We need these logs to observe search engines have come to our site. What the contents included. What cause the site to search engine friendly etc.. After analyzing these problems, we can make more accurate

now everywhere we can see on the optimization of training courses and materials, this information is often to just enter the industry that some people feel that optimization optimization how so simple, it is all around the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s words. In fact, this is just a novice for optimization of see through, the author thinks that although look from macroscopic, the content and the chain is really key for every site, but if you look at the micro perspective, there are many details that we need to pay attention to and improve. Often the one or two ranking of the difference is due to a small detail. So today I share several points in this paper we easily ignore the optimization process in the small details.

site appears dead link is a site of taboo, and the dead link to the site of the result is often in some details of the operation, or due to the site of the revision, in short for the dead links, we need as soon as possible, can not ignore this problem, because we will put the dead link crawling site the search engine spiders into a dead end. In order to reduce the search engine friendliness of the site to reduce the effective page crawling. We can check for dead links with many tools, and use the 404 error page to carry on the reasonable treatment.

our optimization strategy

details: five < > image attributes

details: four web log daily check

details: two for

details: three social network sharing tools

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