The origin of the site outside the chain of discourse errors in Shanghai Dragon

error two: the chain with NOFOLLOW tag blog or forum is not necessarily useless. When the hair of the chain’s heart must always remind ourselves: what is the role of the chain and the entrance right?. Then we look at the definition of the nofollow label: do not transfer the weight. But the entrance is still there?. Personally think that the entrance effect right outside of the chain He effect is more important for some. Because even if your site is doing better, the weight be higher, when you are not web spider crawling up, everything is in vain.

I once in an article on the website of Shanghai Dragon: "the origin of those things about the" site outside the chain already and we probably share some distribution channels outside the chain, we believe that for the release of the chain site optimization has a certain understanding. Today we will talk about some common mistakes we encountered in the process of the release of the chain.

error: the chain is not equal to the relevant domain. Many people may be unfamiliar to the noun related domain. In fact, it was not a strange, you love Shanghai input domain:www.xxx贵族宝贝 display is the result of the relevant domain. Note that this result cannot be equated with the chain. The related domain can be said to be a special love for Shanghai (YAHOO) as a noun. It can be divided into effective related domain and the invalid related domain. Effective domain is a link, and then through the relevant domain link into your website, the chain is we often say. Invalid related domain is the site with your site is YISHION in the form of text, not with hyperlinks. For example, the last article to a website, this page is an effective related domain. Www.zhongweiyz贵族宝贝 this is an invalid related domain. But, please remember the invalid domain is not used. You can try to think, love Shanghai why check the relevant domain command did not check the chain! I can only say, may be invalid related domain outside the chain effect is not so good, but it certainly is also valuable.

error three: not all platforms are suitable for your site outside the chain. This change Links and we (a Links, also is the chain and a chain transfer, the highest weight no one) to change the same industry is a reason. The same industry in order to achieve the effect of exchange. The chain of different industries is the garbage chain for love in Shanghai, even in the chain of cheating. The network company website because once in their own websites each enterprise customers with technical support: XX technology. This chain was punished. So when the hair of the chain is very important to choose the platform. I also know to look for the chain resources is a very hard work, but please don’t let your hard work cast to waste.

error four: the number is not a cloud, the same quality of key. Many online articles have pointed out that the quality of the chain is king, the number of just floating clouds. But I beg to differ. The quality is king "

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