Using the exclusive method to solve the website down right

and other factorsThe

server: site open speed and stability is very important for the website optimization, a web server problems, as long as a few days open, this site may not give you the love of Shanghai natural row on the home page, so choose a good point of space.

chain lost: the chain is a life cycle, many people love concentrated on a platform to release the chain, if the platform due to the site itself or the administrator, etc., will cause the platform outside the chain of all is lost, the chain weight of these chain given value no, resulting in lower right.


link: link is cheating the search engine has been opposed to the search engine, the purpose of existence is to allow users to get the content you want in the shortest time, and get the top ranking websites need long-term data to support to the front row, direct trading links can get high weight website in the short term, contrary to the search engine principle, which is love Shanghai set up special algorithm attack, the best way is not to link.

garbage chain: love Shanghai has repeatedly stressed that don’t do the garbage chain, on the one hand is the love Shanghai algorithm to reject these obviously cheating sites, and partly because may love Shanghai not yet found the garbage outside the chain, and the weights of the chain of garbage value is in effect for the website, but due to the day after the discovery exclude the weight of these bring chain value caused by the right down, and it was recorded in Shanghai to restore love is very difficult.

website: website is the most easy to cause the site right down to one of the factors, on the one hand love Shanghai for the website is a re recognition stage, and this stage love Shanghai conservative will fall right for you, then change the program, change the path to change the column, these will cause a lot of death, naturally cause right down. The remedy is to shield the chain, do 404, and timely submit to love Shanghai.

spam: many people have insisted that the original original, but the original garbage will still give you right down. Many enterprises in order to update the station love to update a lot of news, but in fact how many users will see the news, users come to your website is more concerned about your product, the product is not good, but the accumulation of a large number of spam, go down for a long time will cause drop right.

personal webmaster do not encounter Shanghai Longfeng no website down right. The web site is down right probably leads us directly to these personal webmaster directly broke down the right livelihood, solve the website is very key for us. In general, the site right down and three other factors outside the station in the main races, and reasonable use of elimination, be sure to find right down factors and solve.

A large number of

site factors

attack: attack horse horse is very common, there are always a lot of people to cut corners to hurt others, attack others by website >

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