The webmaster how to deal with the love Shanghai revolution of July

According to the Shanghai official said the

? stability is the foundation for website development Now many

improve the website value for users of

health station the benign development of

sites are not healthy, the reason is various, but the general site in the health, the webmaster is not off the relationship. It is well known that some owners in order to make the website keywords good ranking, to have a good ranking in the search engines, buy some black gold chain, chain like, or even to make a think outside the chain of high quality, and the use of the technique of cheating, though you intended to improve the site keywords ranking, but if you don’t go the right way, with no formal do the station approach, it will only make the website of sub-health state.


since June since the low love Shanghai storm, followed by the July revolution is the love Shanghai, love Shanghai right down the website on the Internet is full of too many to count, complaints and dissatisfaction of the webmaster, Shanghai love this large-scale reform, let many webmaster tears, although now is July 19th, but black Friday nightmare, or let the webmaster panic. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) said the following Shanghai’s July revolution of love with you, the webmaster how to deal with, how to adjust their next job

search engines love Shanghai want to improve the user search experience, in fact, is mainly based on the content of the website to choose, if your site has user needs, many users will be able to.

high quality content is always the soul of

love love Shanghai will have such a large-scale reform, the most important thing is to improve the user’s search experience love Shanghai. Love Shanghai in order to rectify the Internet makes the harmonious development, thus reducing the weight of many poor quality sites, and even a lot of the station K. Although the right to be reduced by K, most of them are some low quality content for the acquisition or false original, not much value to the user, but it is undeniable that the love of Shanghai is also likely to be broken without error, to which is the original, which is collected, but generally speaking, this situation is rarely, therefore, if your site is down right or be K, so, please first think their website in which can bring value to the user, what


is a website you want to have a good development, to have a good ranking in the search engine, constantly improve the site’s weight. Let the site to keep on the premise of stability, if the replacement of server on your website or website, every two or three days, so, your site will naturally not have good rankings, will not be the favour of search engine, and it could become the search engine punishment website next target. As for how to punish, or according to the site situation is different.

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