How to choose the website optimization Website Program

site for enterprise to recommend the use of DEDE program, the DEDE program for enterprise site is beneficial in many ways, the website structure code is very simple, and there are now many enterprise DEDE templates, build a site is very easy. I now take over the medical site, is set up by DEDE, the background changes are very easy, but for the novice, this is very easy to use! Novice learning site you can use the DEDE program, I am learning, welcome to help me master /p>! "

three forum or recommend discuz


for our personal blog site, is the most important of these two procedures, the basic is the fool type operation, and after the construction is relatively easy to promote, the program has been optimized to put a lot of details are processed, and these two programs can be installed very much is the Shanghai dragon plug-in this, can let Shanghai Longfeng easier our optimization. You can search the local Shanghai dragon blog site to see, many of them are the two program structures, this Shanghai dragon blog is built by WP.

today Wuhan Shanghai dragon is to bring the last website optimization is one of the important factors, how to choose the site of the program, I have shared the "web site optimization domain name article –" how to choose the domain name "and" space – space of website optimization in the previous article, originally this program website optimization of the article is not intended to write, in the above procedures is a rookie level, are not eligible to share this, but since the Shanghai dragon, or found a lot of friends on the website of the program is also not clear how to choose, so I do combine their own understanding and optimization of Shanghai Dragon Master who share, today to talk about how to choose the site of the program.

mall site can use these two programs, because he did not set up this kind of site is not evaluated, mall site in the online evaluation of these two programs is very high, you can go to understand.

Now a lot of

two enterprise site recommend the use of DEDE

four mall site or recommended by ECSHOP and SHOPEX

by the discuz forum is built up, this is relatively simple, but also can be installed in many aspects of Shanghai dragon plug-in, convenient management and optimization. Interested friends can try.

today this website procedure introduced here, finally put this a series of finished, the key of their program is very weak, not well written, but the above site selection procedures is a bit of my humble opinion, we do not Paizhuan, your point of view, of course you can say. Welcome.

is a personal blog site recommended by Z-BLOG and WORDPRESS

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